Firmware Warning: How to Turn Off Epson Updates

Posted by André Martins on


Whilst software updates for technology can be important for maximising the efficiency and safety, printer updates can – more often than not - result in you not being able to use your machine with compatible or re-manufactured cartridges.

Despondently, we have experienced updates in the past few years from many different manufacturers that have offered no additional functionality, just limit the end users choice of cartridges.

As such, we generally recommend that these updates are disabled, unless you plan on running your Epson printer using original cartridges only.


1. Locate your printer’s icon in the Windows task-bar at the bottom and right click on it.


2.  Click “Software Update Settings” at the bottom of the list.


  3. We recommend choosing the Never option and pressing Ok to confirm. Having the Check Every button selected will open a can of worms down the line!


Remember – By updating your fimrware, you do not gain any added features; it will most certainly not turn into a Ferrari!


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